Susanne Lingeveldt

Susanne Lingeveldt

About me

I am currently based in Cape Town, South Africa. 

I have a formal background in art teaching and languages. Through an abstract perspective, I incorporate memories and impressions from my personal life into my paintings. I always had a keen interest in aesthetics and the arts growing up and my eyes are always looking for harmony, beauty, and unique compositions. I also have a strong passion for young people and how to support them unfolding their creative potential and completed my formal education as a teacher in Germany and have been working as an art teacher at a variety of schools since 2014.

I have been drawn to art during those years in a variety of ways. I fell in love with acrylics in the last years  due to its unpredictable ability to blend with other mediums on raw canvas and oil paint for its rich colours and creamy texture. Since then, there was no turning back, I had to give art a bigger place in my life as I found my preferred medium. My daily practice allows me to process experiences and emotions and to calm my mind. Mixing colors and performing intuitive movements on raw canvas are my form of unwinding from the world.

My intuitive works feature layered washes and a variety of textures, creating movement and emotion through bold pigments stitched together with intuitive and often playful mark making. 

My paintings are characterized by a light color palette, which is occasionally complemented by bright and bold colors, inspired by the seasons and the playfulness of Cape Town’s most beautiful spots in summer.

With an ever-evolving palette and method, I enjoy experimenting and challenging new ways of expression through technique. Every piece captures a distinct, individual moment in time.

I paint in my studio in Cape Town and, inspired by my current home's location and by my connection to Cape Town’s urban life, my work captures playful forms, lines and textures that invite ease and contemplation. The result is a contemporary body of work that articulates my world with vibrancy, and fresh insight.


Nov/ 2022                    

Exhibition at This is Art, CTICC, Cape Town

February/ 2023         

Solo Exhibition “Connecting the dots” at Alpha Skates, First Thursdays, Cape Town

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